Brumilda will be arranging a special make-over day or two  in Cape Town again 2011 
( Johannesburg , Pretoria en Kaapstad mooi maak dae soos dit almal pas... )

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Make-over session 
and photo shoot

Makeovers by Brumilda
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Beautify Me!
The shoot of a lifetime ! get the Supermodel , Style Me , Photo Shoot Me feeling.. Kom speel Supermodel vir 'n dag vir jou eie  
" fotoshoot " - foto skiet sessie voor die kamera..

Whether you Afrikaans , English , Germant , French , Xhosa ... Your photo language 
might stay universal but will be unique to you !

We create a new look for you ! (Hair colour and cut included in makeover) Our teams include eg. Top Egoli, Elizabeth Arden Make-up artists etc. and award winning Hair Dressers and Stylists of Gina's Palladium Hair Emporium will create your beauty look on the day, dressed up in designer wear from eg Hip-Hop, whilst magazine cover photographer Renico will capture your photographic looks ! If Brumilda puts her own hair treatments and makeup in their hands you must know....

You might also win of the wonderful prizes varying from sometimes Gucci, Versace,Dior sunglasses, Polo handbags to Joyco hair care products or Elizabeth Arden beauty and make-up products, prizes worth thousands of rands....pic your lucky star or date ..?

Ons gee jou 'n nuwe "look" , voorkoms voor die tyd ( haar kleur en 'n sny by die fooi ingesluit ) of selfs kikker jou voorkoms bietjie op ...en voeg darem lekker glans "glam" by en jy beleef een ongelyke ondervinding... 
Top Egoli en o.a. Elizabeth Arden grimeer kunstenaars  en wenners van vele toekennings haarkappers van Gina se Palladium Haarsalon maak jou mooi op die dag met bypassende ontwerpers uitrustings van bv Hip-Hop en die tydskrif voorblad fotograaf Renico neem jou af vir jou fotosessie..... 
(Al wat dan self moet voorsien tuis , kantoor ens (word nie deur Brumilda voorsien) die muur om die ge-kliekte momente aan op te hang of op die uitstal tafel ...! die )

.. our next Before person might be sitting next to you,
 or maybe just go look in the mirror to see her ,him ...?



..... more info and view previous make-over photo sessions some of Brümilda's

Waterkloof Heights experience abuzz.....with beauties....and with all the awards winners present spinning around YOU !     
The Center come alive with a Make-Me-Look-Fabulous , Famous and Spoil-Me Style Me vibes as clients, make-up artists, hair dressers, stylists, photographer and restaurateurs all came abuzz for Brümilda's make-over day at Palladium Hair Emporium Salon (South Africa's award winning hair Salon).
 This little Club Avenue center in Pretoria, Tshwane, boasts some of South Africa's best Restaurants and Coffee, Deli Cafè experiences such as Ritrovo Restaurant (best Chef in South Africa award winner), added Bicccs for delicious ,
freshly bakes and the centre's specialised travel agency Travel with Flair ensuring everyone made their flights on time !
a Beautify Me! extravaganza for each.... and a captured day to be remembered by all... whether it is the vibe , the pictures , the water coloured style pictures framed for your living or bedroom , or the corporate look for the estate agency boardroom...
the memories and images will stay in picture or mind format......

Makeover days and Style with Brumilda @ Palladium Hair Salon Pretoria-Tshwane






make-over in Pretoria - Tshwane by Brumilda
Beautify Me!

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  Special Mothers Day gift...     Moeders dag !
Pretoria Tshwane  makeover - mom and baby make-over

  Brumilda's Makeover day @ Palladium with Elizabeth Arden  in the Cape Quarters centre,  Cape town

(experience the Cape live ! You can even stay in the luxurious Cape Quarters apartments ..... wonderful cape accommodation a few hair widths away!)






all pictures by

© Renico is Your 
to step in...








..... more of previous make-over photo sessions , prizes , sponsors of Brümilda's
vorige lekker mooimaak dae, pryse,  borge, grimeer en kos guru's ens...


Renico Fotografie - Renico Photographer

©   Renico
  asssited by his most beautiful  team.... bietjie kliek, flits,  Hip-Hop en skop... met Jumandi, Tammy en Viktoria...


Renico's Photographic & Stylist Team at Brumilda's makeover day in Gauteng
  more behind the scenes... sommer lekker dae


Renico photography , fotografie...limelight time for you ?

all pictures © copyright   Renico van Rensburg






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